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West Midlands County Schools' Football Association

Inter-Association Leagues and School cup competition draws are available to be viewed on the website.

Season 2015-2016

The Inter-Schools competition draws are shown on the Cups page. Schools and colleges will be sent details before the beginning of term.

The fixtures for Under 12, Under 13, Under 14 and Under 15 Inter-Association league competitions are available now on the website. However, these should be considered as provisional until the County Schools' Handbook is published at the beginning of September.

Under 11 Autumn and Spring Festivals.

Due to the changes made by the Football Association to the organisation of matches for Under 11 players, the West Midlands ‘Brighton-Clifford Shield’ will be reorganised into shorter festival round robin events.

Before the Christmas break, there will be an Autumn Festival with Association teams in two groups. One group will consist of the five Associations within the City of Birmingham and the second group will consist of the five Associations outside Birmingham.

After Christmas, the Spring Festival will take place to decide the ‘Brighton-Clifford Shield’. The ten Associations will be reorganised into two divisions, based on performances in the Autumn Festivals.

There will also be the qualifying rounds of the ESFA Inter Association 7-a-side and the ESFA competitions for boys and girls school teams. The ESFA Area C competition has been renamed the Burton SFA Trophy and the dates for this are included in the programme of matches.

Details of the fixtures and dates will be sent to the Associations before September.

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